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In her dynamic and important new book, You’re On the Verge of Something Big, Vancouver-based spiritual teacher Roshni Daya encourages you to let go of the guilt, worry, and inner turmoil that have assaulted you for decades and bring about the real change you crave and deserve. With astonishing insight, she describes how an ancient predatory foe has taken up metaphorical residence in each of us, where it directs us to make false assumptions and distracts us from our own authentic joy, sorrow, sadness, fear, pain, and love.

“Your challenge,” she writes, “is to engage in your own process of growth, to awaken presence and bring that presence inside, allowing the qualities of compassion, love, joy, gratitude, and peace already within you to guide your next action.

Praise for You’re on the Verge of Something Big

“Roshni Daya has tapped into our collective/ spiritual zeitgeist with her new book, You’re on the Verge of Something Big.
She has a disarming way to call our attention to our habitual buttons. She names it our sabertooth tigers. She weaves her narrative with insights from her thousands of hours with clients addressing their sabretooth cats, our protective subconscious modes of operation.

Within the chapters, either in print or audio, you will find passages that ring true at a most personal level. I agreed, nodding and sighing repeatedly while reading her book. I know I am not alone in this as she has tapped into many of our shared experiences within our individual lives. She reminds us that we are not alone on this journey and that we are free to feel the depth of our emotional experience along our life’s journey. Readers are invited to step back and kindly and lovingly reflect on themselves, investigate their motivations and dreams and then to step into awakening, engage life with purpose, with love at its core.

Anyone who is on a journey of self-discovery, self-improvement, or recovery and healing, Daya’s “Your’re on the Verge of Something Big,” is a beautifully crafted volume of guidance and support. It is worth reading a second and a third time. The writing is accessible and engaging, leaving the reader with the sense that this is private conversation meant just for you.”

– Lorrie Miller, PhD
author of: Teaching Where You Are
Stress-less In 10 days

“With a clear, keen mind and a full, open heart, Roshni Daya shines her brilliant light on the inner workings of genuine transformation. Her commitment to loving and supporting us on our personal journeys is palpable.

You’re on the Verge of Something Big is filled with real-life stories that perfectly illustrate spiritual principles we may have understood superficially but can now recognize and embrace at a deeper level. This jewel of a book helps readers cultivate the potent force behind and within the transformation process: genuine Self-Love.”

– Suzanne Eder
author of What You Want Wants You

I was privileged to engineer the audiobook version of Roshni Daya’s YOTVOSB, and work with some skilled friends on the associated profile and interview videos. It’s been a pleasure to witness Roshni release this long-gestating book, and step into the role of a more public teacher and speaker.
She clearly has more than the 10,000 hours of a well-rounded expert, with a Bach. of Science from the U. of Toronto, a Law Degree from Osgoode Hall, a Masters of Ed. from McGill, and a Dr. of Philosophy from the U. of Calgary. Add to those her years of private client practice which she draws from in the book. Wisdom and experience.
I like her ways of communicating ideas with simplicity, and have been taking her book’s reminders of identifying self-limiting thoughts. Further, the practice of focusing oneattention and awareness into parts of the body when you find yourself too much in your head.  I find it important to note that as a teacher, she remains humble, demonstrating one of the principles she discusses – how we are all works-in-progress, works-in-process. She walks the walk.
– Andy Warren

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Both a Ph.D. academician and a profoundly connective guide, Daya describes how you and I can reclaim our lives if we learn how to take action from a place of love, peace, joy, and gratitude—allowing everything we do to have a positive impact in our own worlds and in the world at large. In the midst of the chaos that surrounds us—and which too often inhabits our inner lives as well—comes a book whose message is sane, simple, celebratory, and, perhaps most important, entirely possible. You’re on the verge of something big, and this book will help ensure that you achieve it.