Presence is the Elixir of Life

Your Journey to a Fulfilling Life

Learn how live a rich, full experience of life

Presence is the Elixer of Life

My Mission is to Empower Your Life

Learn how to live a rich, full experience of life.

Meet Roshni

Roshni Daya holds the rare combination of her Ph.D in Applied Psychology, Law Degree, Masters in Education, and Bachelor of Science. Additionally, she has engaged in a lifelong study of the metaphysical and mysticism in ancient Eastern and Western spirituality. She has brought all of this together over the last 25 years working with people. Her expertise in the nuances of wealth only deepen her compassion and wisdom in moving beyond the story.

Dr. Roshni creates and holds space for the kind of tender turbulence necessary for the spiritual journey. She works delicately, yet tenaciously to lift you out of the story board of your life and find the essence of yourself that has been with you all along. This allows you to be with yourself differently, see your life with more freedom and honesty, and create the next stage in harmony with your spirit. It is not about abandoning what you already have, but about enriching the human experience and fulfilling your destiny and purpose at the same time. You are here for more, because you are more.

With immeasurable grace, Dr. Roshni will guide you through your spiritual journey. Expect tenderness. Expect turbulence. Expect tenacity. Expect to find yourself.